Our story: the Love of Italy and a good friendship

This is the story of three French friends passionate about art, architecture and the Italian way of life :

Marie, who is a trained jeweler, Laure who is a fashion designer and Diane, passionate about marketing and management.

All 3 share a common vision : creating elegant, sunny, durable jewelry that is easy to wear every day.

Our first TIVOLI collection

The first TIVOLI collection is inspired by the gardens of Villa Adriana in Tivoli, near Rome.

We imagined this collection as a tribute to the timeless beauty of Villa Adriana.

Throughout our researches on the villa, its history, and the men who shaped it, we designed the jewels of the TIVOLI collection one by one.

The Gabrielle earrings are inspired by sublime twists admired on an antique column, the Tivoli and Giulia earrings by the lush vegetation of the villa and the Adriana bracelet and earrings with patterns inspired by the villa's mosaics.

Jewelry making

After determining the theme of the collection, the jewelry is designed by Marie and Laure.

They are then made in brass and then gilded in a workshop located in Paris near our studio. The workshop has existed for 100 years and perpetuates an artisanal tradition while respecting the strictest environmental standards.

Each piece of jewelry is then wrapped in a green velvet pouch to be carefully preserved there while waiting to be worn by you !